About Artsmark

Artsmark is Arts Council England’s flagship programme to enable schools and other organisations to evaluate, strengthen and celebrate their arts and cultural provision

Artsmark is delivered by Trinity College London and 10 regional Bridge organisations drive participation. We are proud to have the support of the Department for Education, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) and a number of other partners.


Developing and celebrating arts provision is hugely important for children and young people’s education.

Find out why your organisation should apply for Artsmark.


All primary and secondary schools, further education colleges and youth justice settings in England can apply for Artsmark.

Find out more about who can apply and which settings Artsmark is not applicable to.

We provide an overview of Artsmark achievements on a yearly basis. Click here for a PDF of the most recent overview (2013), which summarises the quantity awarded, levels achieved and repeat versus first time applicants for the whole of that academic year. It also includes a percentage breakdown of Artsmark schools by region.

We also provide a yearly list of all of the organisations that have achieved Artsmark. The most recent list covers Round 10 (2009/10), Round 12 (2011/12), and Round 13 (2012/13). It is available as a PDF or as an Excel spreadsheet. Organisations that last achieved Artsmark in Round 10 will need to apply again by March 2014 in order to continue to use their Artsmark status. Please note that Artsmark was closed for a review year during 2010/11, and that from Round 12 onwards only two levels of Artsmark were available - Artsmark and Artsmark Gold. Data was correct for organisations at the time of achieving Artsmark.


Take part in the online quiz to see the quality and quantity of provision expected of Artsmark settings.

Once completed you’ll be directed to the next steps of your journey to gaining Artsmark status:

Step 1 Register for the Artsmark network for just £40 (annual membership) and access all the support and guidance you need.

Step 2 Once part of the network you can start preparing your online application and when you are ready to submit you pay £60 which includes a development and validation visit, a feedback report and certificate.

The application will help you evaluate your provision by benchmarking against criteria. This will allow you to identify areas for development and highlight your strengths in the arts. During the process you will need to gather evidence demonstrating quality outcomes and the impact of your arts offer.


Applications for the 2013/14 academic year (Round 14) have now closed. Applications for the 2014/15 academic year (Round 15) will open shortly.