Cultural organisations

Artsmark Champions is a formalised programme to support engagement between Artsmark schools and arts and cultural organisations.
Due to launch in the 2017-18 academic year, Artsmark Champions will provide Artsmark Schools with a searchable database to allow them to find cultural partners to support their Artsmark journey.
Artsmark Champions will provide a platform for organisations to develop their quality offer and promote this to local schools undertaking the Artsmark journey. A framework will be created through which organisations can measure and develop their work with Artsmark schools. It will outline a clear progression so that organisations can use it as a valuable developmental tool.
Schools should contact their local delivery partner to find out about arts and cultural organisations who can support their Artsmark journey.
Organisations thinking about joining Artsmark Champions should contact the local delivery partner that is based in their area to express an interest.

Cultural education gives children and young people the opportunity to develop their creativity, both individually and collectively, and that's why our goal is for every child and young person to have the opportunity to experience the richness of the arts.

Darren Henley
Chief Executive
Arts Council England

It's so important that children have the opportunity to learn and enjoy arts and culture from an early age. It develops their creativity, inspires future careers and enriches their childhoods.

Artsmark does fantastic work in school across the country, bringing high quality arts and culture into the classroom.

Matt Hancock
Minister of State for Digital and Culture
Department for Culture, Media and Sport