How can Artsmark support the creative lives of young people?

Keisha Thompson, Senior Manager for Children and Young People, explains the value of consulting children and young people, how we are going about that and the impact it will have on Artsmark.

Keisha Thompson (10/06/2021)

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Christ Church Primary embark on their Artsmark journey

A global pandemic didn't stop Christ Church Primary and Nursery embarking on their Artsmark journey

Nicola Bingham (24/05/2021)

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Artsmark Coordinating Assistant chats career aspirations

To celebrate Discover! Creative Careers 2021, we chat to Emma Thorpe, Artsmark Coordinating Assistant, about her career aspirations.

Emma Thorpe (02/03/2021)

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How did we get here?

This National Careers Week, find out about the creative careers of the Artsmark Award team

Artsmark (01/03/2021)

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How creativity supported us in lockdown

Admiral Lord Nelson School share with us how they’ve used arts and creativity to support pupil wellbeing, encourage engagement with distanced learning, and build a sense of community.

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Creativity captures pupils' imaginations on World Book Day

To celebrate #WorldBookDay we’ve spoken to three recently awarded Artsmark schools to find out how they infuse their English curriculum with creativity. So, grab a brew and find out how Artsmark can inspire you this #WorldBookDay.


Drama brings English to life

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Why SLT and governors are key to promoting the arts

For arts initiatives to thrive in school, senior staff must take the lead - from selling the vision to freeing up funding. If schools want to deliver strong arts and culture provision then senior leaders and governors have a crucial role to play.

Dan Worth, Editor for Tes (20/12/2019)

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Why starting an arts journey is the most important step

Tes speak to our Artsmark schools about how and why developing a strong arts offer is so important

Dan Worth, Editor at Tes (20/12/2019)

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Q&A with Hayden Taylor, governor of 2019's Creative School of the Year

This Trustees Week we find out what inspired Hayden Taylor to become a school governor at Admiral Lord Nelson School (TES Creative School of the Year 2019) and his creative responsibilities.

Hayden Taylor (04/11/2019)

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Year 6 pupils share their Artsmark journey

Year 6 pupils, Kyle and Cadey from Senacre Wood Primary School's Arts Council, close Artsmark Celebration Week by telling us all about their Artsmark journey so far...

Year 6 pupils from Senacre Wood Primary School (11/10/2019)

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Cultural education gives children and young people the opportunity to develop their creativity, both individually and collectively, and that's why our goal is for every child and young person to have the opportunity to experience the richness of the arts.

Darren Henley
Chief Executive
Arts Council England

It's vital that children have the opportunity to learn and enjoy arts and culture from an early age. It develops their creativity, inspires future careers and enriches their childhood.

Artsmark Award does brilliant work in schools and education to ensure young people access a broad and balanced curriculum that includes high-quality arts and culture.

Michael Ellis MP
Minister for Arts, Heritage and Tourism
Department of Culture, Media and Sport