Artsmark Partnership Programme

What is the Artsmark Partnership Programme?

The Artsmark Partnership Programme is an Arts Council England endorsed network of arts and cultural organisations that understand the Artsmark criteria and can support schools and education settings on their Artsmark journey to embed arts and culture across the curriculum.












How can Partners support Artsmark settings?

Each Artsmark Partner will have their own offers for settings that may include Continued Professional Development opportunities for staff, digital resources or workshops linked to the curriculum for students, as well as visits to exhibitions and performances. Some of these offers may be one off, stand-alone sessions, others may be part of a longer-term project. Artsmark Partners will also be able to signpost settings to other arts and cultural organisations that could add value to their Artsmark journey. 

The Artsmark Partner logo offers reassurance to settings that the organisation understands the requirements and process of the Artsmark Award and that they will adhere to the Code of Practice of the programme.

Why join the Artsmark Partnership Programme?

Are you an arts and cultural organisation that can offer Artsmark settings opportunities to enhance their provision?

Here’s why you should join:

  • Engage and build new audiences through schools and families
  • Support to map your current offer against Artsmark criteria
  • A framework to support development of your CYP offer and respond to the Cultural Education Challenge
  • Gain a better understanding of the needs and priorities of education settings
  • Develop deeper, longer term relationships with education settings
  • Contribute to, and benefit from, signposting and sharing of best practice with like-minded organisations

Resources for Artsmark Partners:

Artsmark Development Framework: We’ve produced a handy resource to support organisations to develop their Artsmark Partner offer and embed it within their strategic priorities. Please note these are examples and are not a requirement of the programme.

Music Education Hubs: We’ve been working with Music Education Hubs to find out how they could best support schools on their Artsmark journey whilst adding value to their own programmes. Click here to download our handy resource for Music Education Hubs that outlines the benefits of engaging with Artsmark, and offers clear examples of how hub programmes might align to the Artsmark criteria.

Artsmark and Dance: A practical guide to support settings in developing their dance provision as part of their Artsmark journey.

How do cultural organisations join the Artsmark Partnership Programme?

Joining is free! All you need to do is contact your local Bridge organisation and book onto one of their Artsmark Partnership Programme briefing sessions. The Arts Council will then send you an Artsmark Partner logo and a Code of Practice, outlining expectations of how Partners will engage with settings.

How can schools and settings access Artsmark Partners? 

Artsmark settings who want to find out more about Artsmark Partners in their area can go to our Find an Artsmark Partner page, or contact their regional bridge organisation.

It is important to note that there is no requirement for Artsmark settings to engage with an Artsmark Partner and it will not affect their Artsmark application. Settings can engage with any external partners and are not solely restricted to working with Artsmark Partners.

Artsmark Partners are not local delivery partners for Artsmark Award as that role is fulfilled by regional Bridge organisations

Download our Artsmark Partners leaflet. 

Watch more of our Artsmark Partner films: 

Making music at Strike Lane Primary

Developing crafts skills at St Thomas à Becket Catholic School

Creating theatre at Hillstone Primary School

Cultural education gives children and young people the opportunity to develop their creativity, both individually and collectively, and that's why our goal is for every child and young person to have the opportunity to experience the richness of the arts.

Darren Henley
Chief Executive
Arts Council England

It's vital that children have the opportunity to learn and enjoy arts and culture from an early age. It develops their creativity, inspires future careers and enriches their childhood.

Artsmark Award does brilliant work in schools and education to ensure young people access a broad and balanced curriculum that includes high-quality arts and culture.

Michael Ellis MP
Minister for Arts, Heritage and Tourism
Department of Culture, Media and Sport